Friday, 16 March 2012

Lesson Four: Have Fun

It just so happens that as soon as I decided to truly make this a learning experience, rather than trying to be perfect, I had a great day! My lesson went significantly better with the students when I was more relaxed and they were able to learn in their own way without me trying to control everything. In addition, the afternoon presented us with some free time. My teacher could have used it to catch up on work, or expand on a lesson. Instead we spent the last hour dancing, playing games and just chatting with the kids. Although we might not have gotten ahead in our planning, we built important relationships. These relationships are the foundation with which we do our teaching and they are so valuable!

When we educators get hung up with organizing every little detail (whether a lesson plan, unit or school system) we do well to remember that the world is effortlessly self-organizing in its own chaotic way.
~ Adapted from Gary Turner by David Gray

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  1. "these relationships are the foundation with which we do our teaching" --- mmm, and maybe too the relationships ARE the teaching