Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bubble Party!

Initially designed to be outside, we had to move our planned bubble party inside when the winds in Regina were gusting to about 80km/hour. Although it was messy (and took a bit of elbow grease), we had a blast!

Before our party, we had to make sure that we were wearing our professional bubble explorer outfits! The kids loved the goggles.

We filled a kiddie pool full of bubble solution in the middle of the room.

Bubble Art: Give each kid a cup filled with some watered down tempera paint and a few drops of dishsoap. Add a straw and let the bubbles overflow onto some paper.

In addition to these activities, we also had bubble wrap taped to the floor all over the room and a bubble machine! The kids were engaged for the whole afternoon.

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  1. I saw this on Pinterest and thought the helping hands chart on the bubble art picture looked familiar, and then realized it's Miranda's Blog! This is such a great blog! I love it!