Friday, 23 March 2012

Lesson Eight: Have Faith in the Upcoming Generation

So often today we hear the statements, "kids these days are so spoiled, have it so easy, have no manners, etc" in combination with a "what is the world coming to?" There is truth to the fact that today's generation is much different than the generations of the past, but I have faith that these differences are positive. Here are some quotes from my students that have inspired and gained so much respect from me:

"If I caught a leprechaun, I would take the gold and give it to all of the poor people in the world. I just feel so bad for them, it's not fair." ~ *Kaitlyn, Grade 3

The students asked us, "If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?" I answered knowledge. My co-op said she would go to Hawaii. We both asked for three more wishes.

" I would wish for world peace, and an end to hunger, and an end to homelessness" ~ *Brayten, Grade 5

"I would wish for no more racism" ~ *Jacob, Grade 5

"I would wish for no more bullying I think, I mean its so mean." ~ *Jessica, Grade 4

* Names have been changed.

Boy, did we feel awesome after that. This upcoming generation has so much potential and are also demonstrating such empathy, consideration and kindness towards others. So, what is this world coming to? I think a more caring and equitable place. We seem to be in pretty good hands. 


  1. ok, this isn't precisely what you've been saying, but your insights and your affirmation of a new generation of children made me think of this image that a 2nd year student posted on our ECS 200 fb page:

  2. let me try a different link:

  3. Beautiful picture! Thank you Dave. I am finding more and more that my conceptions of learning differ incredibly from those of my students.